America preparing for possible cyber atteck by Iran.

As the tension between America and Iran is not getting down situation is very tough for whole world.

After American atteck on major sulemani Iran became more agressive to release the pressure America taken wise step to prevent from big war, but amera still not trust on iran. USA preparing for milatary as well as cyber atteck that expected from Iran.

After all America has also done it with Iran and after that iran have started to organise it’s cyber segment and in past 12 year iran make good army of cyberspace.

monitoring an uptick of malicious activity by pro-Iranian hackers and social media users that they believe are harbingers of more serious computer attacks from Tehran, including possible efforts aimed at destroying government databases.

“Iran has the capability and the tendency to launch destructive attacks,” said Christopher C. Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security’s computer security arm. “You need to get in the head space that the next breach could be your last.” : Government official said.

A battle cloaked in computer systems is more in keeping with Iran’s history of attacking the United States and its allies by clandestine means or through proxies. And mischief-making has already begun. In recent days, hackers have defaced government websites and pursued divisive disinformation campaigns on social media. Members of Iran’s Miqdad Cyber Base have used official state texting channels to threaten retaliatory strikes on the USA.

Well , cyber is a thing noone can predict who is powerful but the world have to ready to save themselves.

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