Vhali Dikri Yojna

By | August 5, 2020

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second portion Rs. 6000 for affirmation in standard 10
The third portion at 18 years old is Rs. 1 lakh

One of the initial two youngsters within the family will profit by the plan. Recipient girl who gets confirmation within the main norm within the school gets Rs. 4,000, in ninth standard it had been Rs. 6,000 and when he finishes 18 years old he are going to be given Rs. 1 lakh, ‘said Nitin Patel.
He said the plan would improve the extents of the rank, advance youngster instruction and lift a huge sum for advanced education and marriage.

Gujarat Wahali Dikari Yojana qualification

Gujarat Dikri Yojana is to enhance the birth pace of young ladies and fortify the monetary status of young ladies within the general public. All candidates must meet the accompanying qualification measures to be qualified for the Wahali Dikari Yojana: –

The young ladies need to be from a helpless family with a yearly pay of under 2 LHH
Gill need to be brought into the planet after 2-8-2019
Advantage of Cherished female child Plan for up to 2 young ladies.
The age of the mother at the hour of birth of the girl need to be over 18 years As indicated by Patel, the plan are going to be accessible to families up to Rs 5,000 with Rs. 2 lakh pay is produced annually . The government has designated Rs. within the spending plan for the monetary year 2019-20, there’s Rs 133 crore for this plan.

With an end goal to create the birth pace of young ladies and battle against female feticide, the Gujarat government has propelled the ‘Wali Dairy Plan’ within the spending plan. Under the plan, when the girl turns 18, Account Priest Nitin Patel declared within the Get together that the legislature would give her Rs one lakh. within the ongoing Gujarat spending plan 2019-20, the government has allotted Rs.
The motivation behind this plan is that the maintainable advancement of each one among these individuals which further aides in improving their way of life within the general public. At the purpose when a girl enters class 1, Rs. 4000 are going to be credited to his record. Once more, when she effectively finishes the eighth standard assessment and gets affirmation within the ninth norm, the legislature will store Rs.6000 in her record. within the wake of finishing and breezing through the quality 12 assessment, the Gujarat government will move Rs. 1 lakh to the ledgers of the concerned recipients.

In the wake of arriving at the lawful age of 18 years, the enlisted recipient can pull back Rs. 1 lakh are going to be pulled back. it’s allowed to utilize the assets for professional preparing, advanced education or to satisfy the expense of marriage.

Ieffort to expand the birth pace of young ladies and to battle female feticide, the Gujrat government has propelled ‘Vali Dairy Plan’ within the spending plan. thisthe plot, when girl crosses the age of 18, the Fund Clergyman, Nitin Patel, reported ithe Get together that the administration will give him Rs one lakh.

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