HELLO FRIENDS…. Whether your kids are faraway from school due to respite , summer vacation or other extended school closures, our free home learning activities that add the fun to distance learning and homeschooling. As you search for ways to stay your kids occupied throughout the day, we’re working hard to develop educational resources that… Read More »


HELLO FRIENDS…. STD-4 HOME LEARNING DAILY MULYANKAN TEST. DD GIRNAR PAR JE EKAM STUDY KARAVAVAMA AAVASHE TENI TEST MATE NI QUIZ AHI MUKVAMA AAVSH Columbia University is one among the world’s most vital centers of research and at an equivalent time a particular and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly… Read More »


hello friends……     Online learning might not appeal to everyone; however, the sheer number of online learning sites suggests that there’s a minimum of a robust interest in convenient, portable learning options — many of which are study-at-your-own-pace. For your reference, we’ve selected 50 top learning sites and loosely collected them into the categories… Read More »

How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home

  HELLO FRIENDS…… World Health Day is being celebrated on the 7th of April – and therefore the theme this point is reaching all, providing health care access for all. In ‘Corona’ times, with all folks locked down in our homes, we are relooking at our options, seeing a replacement thanks to live; when this… Read More »

Vitamin A: Benefits, Deficiency, Food Sources And Much More

hi friends….. Your body needs enough amount of vitamin A for healthy functioning. It supports cell growth, immune functions, eyesight and fetal development. vitamin A also supports skin health, nails and better hair growth. Several foods are rich in vitamin A including both animal-based and plant-based foods. it’s advised to consume a healthy and diet… Read More »

Two-Wheeler Sales In April 2020

HELLO FRIENDS….. TVS Motor Company officially announced the sales figures for April 2020. For the primary time, the two-wheeler manufacturer has recorded zero sales within the domestic market. However, the govt allowed the corporate to partially resume operations at the Chennai plant following which 8,134 units of two-wheelers were shipped utilising the stocks from March… Read More »

Kerala Gives Food To Migrant Workers, They Pay For Train Ride Home

HELLO FRIENDS…… Some 7,000 migrant workers are going to be homebound from Kerala as they start their journey to states like Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand, among others. In Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram, the police and district administration have ensured that migrants maintained social distance in buses that were bringing them to the railroad station , and even… Read More »

America preparing for possible cyber atteck by Iran.

As the tension between America and Iran is not getting down situation is very tough for whole world. After American atteck on major sulemani Iran became more agressive to release the pressure America taken wise step to prevent from big war, but amera still not trust on iran. USA preparing for milatary as well as… Read More »